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Make it happen.

We pride ourselves on “making it happen” if it’s not listed, please ask. We offer your expected local services as well as elevated signature offerings never before seen along the Emerald Coast.



Private Charter

Immerse yourself in our destination and enjoy a different view of the beach. Relax on a spacious deck with a cocktail while our professional crew takes care of every detail for you and your guests.

Private Air Travel

At Echelon we offer an elevated kind of travel experience. An elevated experience combining exemplary service, comfort, privacy, and convenience along with the luxury of unexpected access, time and value.

Water Sports

Enjoy access to a host of non-motorized water sports activities both bayside and beachside such as paddleboards, snorkeling, and kayaking. For motorized water sports, pontoons, jet skis and many other activities are available for guests.

Private Wine Tasting

Our guests will be guided away on a not soon forgotten private wine tasting with one of Echelon’s select sommeliers. A virtual trip to Napa or Montalcino represents a unique and unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Private Chef

Our select list of private chef’s always seek to accommodate your dietary preferences, whatever they may be. By utilizing local and seasonal produce whenever possible, but are happy to offer vegetarian menus or cater to restricted diets, as per request.

elevate your

wellness journey

In-Home Massage and Peloton

Our collection of wellness services allow our owners and guests to remain connected to their wellbeing and fıtness goals, while getting the best of a home at the beach. Whether an in home spa treatment or keeping up with your Peloton classes, Echelon is here to help you get the most out of your wellness journey.